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Adjudication Team


Ameera Natasha Moore: Chief Adjudicator

Ameera, or friendlier known as Merr Bear, hails from the land of Nasi Lemak and Char Kuey Teow (if you don’t know what that is, you don’t know the secrets to life’s joy) that is Malaysia. Having debated her whole varsity years, Ameera has a myriad of titles to her name. Debate-wise she is a 2x United Asians Debate Champion, an Asian BP Champion, a 2x Cambridge IV Champion (Open and ESL), and was part of the first-ever Asian team to have won Australs in the Open Category. Her experiences at WUDC includes topping the ESL tab and being a 2x Open Octofinalist. As a judge, the list is no shorter. She has served on the adjudication core of numerous tournaments including Asians BP, Cambridge IV, Australs, Australs Womens' and Malaysia Nationals. When she’s not on the Adjcore, her judging abilities stands out nonetheless, as she has been a finals judge at Asia BP, Australs, WSDC, and twice at EUDC. As a trainer, she had the honour of being part of the coaching squad when WSDC team Malaysia broke first at the recent championship in Croatia. When Ameera’s is not submerged in the debating world, she has two loves of her life: sushi and chocolate (not together). She also enjoys playing the most updated ‘Sims’ only to build a house then kill them off after a day of living in it (She insists this is normal) and does a lot of sketching and painting. Her goal for this Worlds is to ensure everyone has a good time, serve good motions, end Steph’s ‘No Diet Coke’ rule, and to hopefully obey her grandmother’s wishes of learning more about the Cape Malays as it is part of her ancestry. She is excited!


Fanele Mashwama: Chief Adjudicator

Fanele debated for Harvard University in undergrad and had the good fortune of winning worlds. He will co-CA Cape Town WUDC 2019. He has been on the adjudication core of just about every major university BP tournament in North America and a handful of others in Europe and South Africa.

Fanele has been in a longstanding relationship with Arsenal football club for over 15 years. He can confirm, that Sisyphus must indeed be happy.


Dan Lahav: Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Dan is a WUDC Open Best Speaker, Open Semi-Finalist, and a member of the top breaking team (Open & twice ESL). He is an EUDC ESL Champion, an Open Grand Finalist, 2nd ranked Open Speaker, twice the Best ESL Speaker and twice a member of the top breaking ESL team. Beyond Euros and Worlds, Dan has won over 20 tournaments including being the champion of the HWS Round Robin and the Cambridge IV and has been the Best Speaker of over 20 competitions including the Oxford IV (Open & twice ESL) and the Cambridge IV (twice Open & thrice ESL). Perhaps more importantly Dan has been a member of over 35 CA teams around the world including the Tallinn EUDC 2017, Hanoi Asian BP, HWS Round Robin, Cambridge IV, Oxford IV, China BP, Seoul Open, IIT Bombay IV, Red Sea Open, Paris Open, Budapest Open, Moscow Open and many more. He will be serving as a Co-CA at Panama Pan Americans 2019 and Athens EUDC 2019.


Elisha Kunene: Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Elisha started debating because his older sister captained the debating team and always got given lots of pocket money when she travelled. In University he continued debating because it presented him with regular opportunities to speak to impressionable young teenagers about socialism. He applied to DCA worlds because he is deeply passionate about 6-hour Skype sessions and watching Fanele and Dan argue about spreadsheets.

Elisha’s debating achievements include winning SA Nationals, ranking first at SA Nationals and ranking first at the Pan African Universities Debating Championship. He served as President of the South African Schools Debating Board and served two terms as Assistant Coach of the SA Schools team. He also won a few opens in the SADC region and insists he would have won a lot more if he had spent more time working on his case file and less time pursuing a Soundcloud rap career. He is incredibly excited to welcome the world debating community to South Africa but wishes to disclaim that anything you don’t like about the country is unique to Cape Town and whiny emails should be directed to Matt Barry.

Since leaving University, Elisha spent 18 months as a clerk at the Constitutional Court of South Africa and moved to the Supreme Court of the Seychelles because he believes that we should all make a greater effort to centre the pursuit of Instagram popularity in our lives. When he is not reading law reports, he is watching Catholic lawyers argue on Twitter and writing ill-advised opinion pieces for public consumption.


Enting Lee: Deputy Chief Adjudicator

At this stage of her life, what Enting really needs is a hobby that will produce an income. What she has instead is an ever-growing collection of immigration stamps, a steadily worsening caffeine addiction, and debating. Enting’s habit of getting close to her goals but never quite following through is evidenced by her speaking record. At one point, she was a NAUDC and Hart House IV top speaker, a HWS Round Robin finalist and 4th speaker, and a two-time Yale IV finalist. Luckily, her judging record is a bit less patchy. Enting has been on the adjudication core of the Canadian BP Championships, the Oxford IV, the North American Championships (with Fanele!), and the Shanghai International Debate Open (with Raffy and Steph!). She has also judged two WUDC finals, two UADCs finals, a Yale IV final and both the ESL and Open finals of the Cambridge IV. Outside of tournaments, Enting has been trying on new hobbies for size, though she has since rejected most of them due to either a lack of competence (scuba diving), a lack of interest (baking), or both (crafting). This means that in her spare time, she’s left with the (really quite pleasant) options of eating, napping or making friends with the cats and dogs she encounters on her travels. At Worlds this year, her goal is to find enough spare time to do all three!


Raffy Marshall: Deputy Chief Adjudicator



Steph White: Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Steph's biggest debating achievement is attending (and surviving) Berlin yakka night despite not being a participant at Berlin Worlds, though she would like to clarify she was not the one who set a car on fire. It was that night that she decided to one day attend a South African debating tournament - this is the only reason she is attending WUDC 2019. Steph was tied 3rd best speaker at Mexico WUDC where she was also an open semi-finalist, she is also an Australs grand-finalist and 3rd best speaker, has won Australian nationals twice, and is a three-time Australasian Wom*n's grand-finalist and five-time top ten speakers. She has been on the adj core of Australasian Wom*n's and Australian nationals (twice). She has also judged Grand Finals at Australs and Wom*n's, and Semi-Finals at Australian nationals and Worlds. Beyond debating, Steph spends her time attempting to convince people pole dancing is legitimate strength training (it is), wondering if her effort to quit Diet Coke will survive Worlds (highly unlikely), and attempting to get as many different kinds of chocolate as possible into a brownie (currently four, room for improvement). She is currently on a semester's exchange in Texas, not that she ever talks about it.