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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Beneficiary’s Bank Name?
    Standard Bank of South Africa
  2. Beneficiary’s Bank Address?
    Standard Bank Centre, 1st Floor, Tyger Manor Branch, 309 Durban Road, Belville, 7530, Cape Town, South Africa
  3. Beneficiary’s Name?
    Conference Management 12
  4. Beneficiary’s Address?
    Conference Management Centre, Lovers Walk, Level One, Room 146.20, Bremner Building, UCT Lower Campus, 7700, Cape Town, South Africa
  5. SWIFT?
  6. IBAN?
    South Africa does not use IBAN, use the SWIFT code instead.
  7. National Account Number?
  8. Branch Code?
  9. Routing Number/Universal Branch Code?
  10. Phone Number?
    +27 21 406 6348
  11. I don't have an invoice?
    Please follow the link in the allocation email to confirm your slots and generate an invoice.
  12. Transferwise won't let me put numbers in the name?
    Use Conference Management WUDC
  13. My credit card payment won't go through?
    Check that you have authorization from your bank.
  14. Can I pay in a currency other than ZAR?
    We only provide invoices in ZAR - you can pay in any currency accepted by our Bank - however make sure that you are converting correctly and you take into account bank charges.
  15. What are the current forex rates?
    Standard Bank Online Forex Indication Rates
  16. Can I have an extension?
    You better have a really good reason since our extension deadline was the 18th of March.
  17. I paid but I am not on the list?
    If you paid this week it probably has not reflected yet. Also SA banks are closed for the Easter holidays which will lead to delays in the processing. We will release a new list next week. Or check that you didn't use a vague reference (our unknowns are in the previous sheet).
  18. My payment won't go through for "x" reason?
    We're not monsters  - please send us an email and we will grant you a small extension while we determine what is happening.
  19. Will there be water for WUDC?
    Yes, the City of Cape Town has updated their projections for "Day-Zero" and it won't occur in 2018. Our winter rains are coming in June/July/August so while we will still be under pressure in Dec/Jan there will water for WUDC.
  20. I need a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) certificate for my University.
  21. You can find the University of Cape Town's B-BBEE certificate at which includes the University's B-BBEE Accreditation and 2018 Compliance Certificate. 
  22. OMG I'm going through the most!
    Relax.  Calm down.  Have yourself a glass of Pinotage. Phone Janet Sirmongpong on +27 21 406 6348 between 9am and 5pm SAST.