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Tabulation Team


Chuan-Zheng Lee

Chuan-Zheng is studying towards a PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford University and is an alumnus of the University of Auckland. He has served on the tab team of WUDC twice, Australs four times, Yale IV three times, USUDC, Hart House IV and HWS IV.  He is a developer of Tabbycat, the tabulation system that will be used at Cape Town WUDC 2019, and wrote the Android debate timer app Debatekeeper. As an adjudicator, Chuan-Zheng has judged semifinals at WUDC, Australs, NAUDC, Yale IV, Hart House IV, and an ESL grand final at Cambridge IV.


Philip Beleski

Philip Beleski is studying towards a PhD in landscape architecture, often described as “kinda like SimCity except disappointing” at RMIT University and is an alumnus of the Victoria University of Wellington. He was on the tab team for Australs four times (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016) and Australian Easters twice (2015, 2016), as well as the Krabi Asian BP Championships (2017). In 2016, he was made a life member of AIDA for contributions to tabulation. In addition, he has judged a pair of semi-finals at WUDC and grand-finals at the Oxford IV, Sydney IV, and New Zealand Easters. A recovering web developer and designer, he is also a developer of Tabbycat, alongside other debating software projects such as the Timekept iOS debate timer app and an easy debate ballot generator.


Pofela Ndzozi

Pofela is a passionate debater with a focus on developing debating skills in Africa. He has been active in the Zimbabwean circuit since 2010 and helped found the Lupane State University Debate Society. Notably he was the best adjudicator at the ZNDC (2011), Tab Master at the ZNDC (2012), the SANUDC (2016), the PAUDC (2014, 2015, 2016), the NUST Open Debate Challenge (2015), Tournament Director at the ZNDC (2013) and a volunteer at the WUDC Berlin (2012). He has been CA at more than ten tournaments and tab master at more than thirty.


Timothy de Wet

Tim is an MD/PhD student at UCT, studying the cell biology of the bacteria that cause Tuberculosis. Initially introduced to the UCTDU while still in high school, Tim’s university debating experience has included adjudicating and breaking at the SANUDC (2013), PAUDC (2014) and Western Cape Provincials (2014), as well as judging at the WUDC Malaysia (2015). He has acted as Tab Master for the UCT Open (2015, 2016, 2017) and UCT 150th Year Open (2015) and has received rave reviews for his calm and trusted speed and efficiency. He is looking forward to spending his December 2019 holidays involved in intensive admin.
Tim is a proud Capetonian, and occasionally thinks that his true expertise is not in biology, but rather in the city’s food and coffee scene.

Valerie Tierney

Valerie is studying veterinary medicine at the University College Dublin. As a judge she has broken at 17 tournaments and has tabbed at over 85 competitions, including the London Pro-Am, UCD IV, UCC IV, and the 116-team SOAS Schools (2015), the KCL Pro-Am, Oxford Women’s, the Maastricht Open, the Warsaw EUDC (2016) and Tallinn EUDC (2017) and now spends a lot of her time teaching people to tab. We are very excited for her to bring her extensive competition coordination experience to the team.