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We are proud to announce that our Volunteer Application Process is now open and will close on the 1 June 2018 at 23:59 SAST.  Volunteers are viewed as the most valuable resource of WUDC 2019, so we are excited to have passionate and hardworking members of our community from Africa and around the world come here to help. 

We have two quick documents for you to check our, to get you up-to-speed on WUDC 2019:

Volunteer Invite

Volunteer Policy


We require volunteers to be over the age of 18 at the time of the tournament for legal and administrative ease.
Please enter the phone number of your primary contact number. Please include your prefix country code (eg. +27) with no spaces between the characters.
Please provide us with your nationality. This is important for visa reasons and for ensuring a diverse understanding to drive our global event.
Please provide us with a list of your languages that you are proficient enough in. WUDC 2019 recognizes the importance of language to culture and connection and realize the value these languages have to growing an inclusive and responsive rebate community.
This question relates specifically to strictly gendered accommodation required by certain participants. Please indicate your gender identity. This is not a mandatory question.
Operationally, it is important we are able to allocate specific volunteers to certain duties we require over the course of the tournament.
This is a long-form answer- not just a number. We are looking for an answer which communicates your ability to think and problem solve. We are looking for your ability to research and formulate solutions from sparse information.
Describe an event you organized and the process that was involved in detail. Please do not tell us about what you specifcally did and why you performed well. Please do inform us of crises that took place and how they were resolved. They did not have to be resolved by you specifically. We are looking for an answer of roughly 250 words but please go over.
This question relies of applicants becoming familiar with the prospectus, policy and other WUDC documentation and requires them to generate an understanding of the tournament.
Please rank the following skills and traits. Note that each skill must be given a corresponding ranking 1 to 5, with 1 indicating worst attribute and 5 indicating strongest attribute. A number can only be allocated once, meaning your scores must total 15 across the 5 provided attributes and no two attributes can have the same score. These must be only one attribute with a 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 allocated to them respectively.
Upload file
Select a file to upload from the local or network drive.
Please provide us with a general curriculum vitae, detailing both your debate and non-debate experience. Please include in particular previous work and volunteer experience you have in organizing the tournament. We value practical experience over debate-specific skills.